I was tasked at creating a mural for Walmart store entrance. The project brief called for the inclusion of Houston's downtown skyline. The project is part of the Walmart Community Mural Program, a celebration of communities across America. Inspired by the community and together with every store manager, each mural reflects the local diversity and cultural references.
Mural size: 25.4x5.6 ft. Vinyl installation, created in Adobe Photoshop.
Client: Walmart | Location: Houston,TX | Agency: Now Art, LA
I love to feature women in my work. I believe that women are the heart and center of their families, and to a larger extent they are the heart of their communities. Women are the star of this mural. I tried to incorporate a dynamic mix of portraits to capture the essence of the city.  
In my interpretation of the brief, I aimed to seamlessly incorporate the city's skyline into the composition, along with diverse portraits and botanical motifs.
The mural serves as a tribute to Houston's dynamic and multicultural community, evoking a sense of brightness and joy.

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