I was tasked at creating a mural for Walmart store in Killeen, TX. Killeen is located in central Texas and neighbors Fort Cavazos, one of the largest military bases in the country. The artwork, Home of the Brave, celebrates Killeen’s vibrant community, inviting people to see themselves within it while evoking a sense of pride and honor. It serves as a testament to Killeen’s patriotic spirit, honoring both past and present military members while celebrating the joy, strength and values of its diverse community.

Mural size: 17.8x18.5 ft. Vinyl installation, created in Adobe Photoshop.

Client: Walmart | Location: Killeen,TX | Agency: Now Art, LA​​​​​​​
The project was part of the Walmart Community Mural Program, a celebration of communities across America. Inspired by the community and together with every store manager, each mural reflects the local diversity and cultural references.
The mural had a short turnover for each stage of the work, undergoing few rounds of revisions, each with a swift deadline. With every revision, I was able to further develop my creative concept, allowing ideas to mature and creating vivid artwork that brings the brief to life.
The initial brief specified both Killeen and Fort-Cavazos' diverse communities, and called for showcasing the local schools and lake.
In my interpretation of the brief, my goal was to highlight the diverse community as the focal point of the mural. Initially, I focused on families with uniformed members, embodying the unity and support within the community, while integrating the schools and local lake as secondary motifs.
After receiving additional feedback and clarification from the client, I adjusted the focus of the project to better reflect the patriotic essence of Killeen. Recognizing its identity as a military town, the feedback emphasized the importance of prominently featuring Fort Cavazos in the artwork.
The final illustration embodies the following concepts of Killeen and Fort Cavazos:​​​​​​​
1. The large American flag serves as a vibrant backdrop, its stars and stripes waving gracefully. Stars, recurring motifs, are also featured on vehicles at the military base and on decommissioned vehicles serving as monuments.
2. Silhouettes of soldiers in uniform. One soldier wears the distinctive 1st Cavalry Division hat, acknowledging the base's history. 
3. Inspiring quotes about patriotism and service adorn the mural: "Home of the Brave," "Courage," "Unity," "Honor."
4. The base is represented through veterans and service personnel in uniform, alongside their supportive families.
5. The national bird, bald eagle soaring towards the sun, symbolizing patriotism.
6. The strong, supportive large woman in the artwork embodies the resilience, unity, and support of Killeen and Fort Cavazos families.
7. Additional details include local schools, children, the lake, and monarch butterflies, whose seasonal migration takes route through the heart of Texas.

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