Yifat Fishman is an illustrator, designer and writer. She graduated from Holon Institute of technology with a major in Industrial Design and a Bachelor of Science in Technology Education. Later she continued to study Fine Arts for a couple of years, worked for a software development company and a graphic design studio. When her son was born Yifat fell in love with the amazing world of children’s books and started honing her craft as author-illustrator. She’s been a member of the SCBWI since 2010.

Yifat draws images and put them up for sale on her online stores. Her creative process for books is organic, as the images and words complement one other. She’d start with outlining the story idea, maybe craft a good beginning, then draw a few rough sketches, fall in love with the story. Then change everything. It takes many rewrites and shuffling thumbnails on the storyboard to tell a story.
Yifat’s preferred tools of the trade are iPad and Pencil with editing in Photoshop, though she’d occasionally work with more traditional mediums such as ink, watercolors and relief linoleum block prints.

Yifat lives in Texas with her husband, son and daughter, their dog Sam, and a bunch of crazy squirrels dominating their wooded backyard.